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We also created an incredible wedding invitation suite for this client, which included an illustration of the lace from her couture wedding gown.

For her first anniversary, we were asked to create the perfect gift for her husband, satisfying the traditional first anniversary gift of “Paper”.  She asked us to design a creative illustrated monogram, that encompassed personal images that symbolized them as a unique couple. Then we printed the monogram on 100% Crane & Co. cotton card stock, so that she could frame it for display in their home.

We were challenged to include the following symbols:

  • Plaid — from their school uniforms (they were childhood sweethearts)
  • Snow skis — their favorite sport to do together in Telluride, CO
  • Antlers — the husband loves to hunt
  • Tomatoes — the husband is obsessed with ketchup! HA!
  • Grapes — they both love wine (Who doesn’t?)
  • Peonies and White Anemones — the wife’s favorite flowers
  • Spanked Armadillos — a late-night funny pastime trying to catch armadillos at their lake property! Hilarious!

We just LOVE that this couple has a sense of humor and they don’t take themselves or their new creative illustrated monogram too seriously. What IS serious, is how seriously adorable it all turned out. Especially the spanked armadillos!